11+ Most Popular Above Ground Pools with Decks (Awesome Pictures)

There are tons of clever ways to bring happiness into your home, one of which is to build them above ground pools with deck. Everybody loves to see swimming pools in his/her home, right?

A swimming pool shares the same fun whether it’s an in-ground pool or above ground one. But still, there are some differences such as the advantages and disadvantages as well. An in-ground pool is said to have a more elegant appearance compared to above ground pools.

The major drawback would be that it’s fairly expensive to build one. Some other issues would be the soil conditions that make it impossible to build an in-ground pool. That’s why an above ground pool is an alternative option.

1. Circular Pool Walled-In with Fence

circular pool

The advantages of having a pool aren’t only to have fun by soaking yourself into it, but also to teach your kids how to swim. Having the ability to swim is essential for you. How’s so?

It’ll keep you to stay in shape while exercising in the water. You can save yourself when there’s a huge current coming when swimming at sea. You can also save others from drowning, right?

2. Stunning Pool Deck

stunning pool

Other advantages you get from creating an above ground pool are that they’re affordable, and if you’re skilled enough, you can build a fantastic pool as you can see in this picture.

This picture shows you that you can have an impressive pool with some creativity and less money. But if you’re occupied with work or you don’t exactly know how to build one, asking a pro’s help can be a solution.

3. Spacious Deck

spacious deck

If you want your pool to be directly attached to your house, this pool may inspire you to proceed with that idea. This pool has a wide wooden deck and stairs that help you jump into it.

The trees provide you with some shade so it won’t be too hot in daylight when you’re swimming in the pool.

4. Safer than In-Ground Pool

In-Ground pool

How about the safety itself? With its high shape, above ground pool is considered safer than in-ground pools. Your kids or pets have to walk or climb the pool up before jumping into it.

On the other hand, an in-ground pool can be effortlessly reached since it’s positioned on the same level or lower with the floor. That’s another benefit of the above ground pool that you need to know.

5. Wrought Iron Fence

iron fence

A pool would look cooler if you build fences around it. Building fences has some benefits, one of which prevents you from falling out of the pool. You can either use wrought iron or woods.

And it can also be a smart way to impede animals when trying to swim or drink water from the pool. It’ll make your pool to stay clean and not damaged by wild animals attack.

6. Easy Installation

deck installation

With its many advantages such as flexible, cheaper and saving-time installation, an above ground pool still can give you a fun experience that an in-ground pool does. It doesn’t take much time to set one.

It’ll only need a few days to make the deck depending on what layout, size, or difficulties that you’re about to build. Look! This pool is amazing, isn’t it?

7. Higher Ground

Higher Ground

A higher ground has some merits in a way it has a nicer view. It’ll allow you to see a fantastic panorama without getting bothered by trees. This kind of pool would be your favorite swimming pool ever.

You can add some chairs and a table along with a huge umbrella if you need some shade. You can enjoy yourself with a panoramic view while watching your kids play in the pool.

8. Square Pool

Square pool

Above ground pools come in many sizes and shapes, you can pick either a square or a rectangular one you think fits with your style and need. And now you can bring happiness to the backyard.

9. Build a Nice Spot

nice spot

The owner knows how to build a stunning pool with decks here. It has a spot where you can just sit and enjoy the fun. It also has two stairs with different colors which are black and white.

10. Nicely Built

nicely built

This pool probably has the perfect circular fence among other pools in this article. It looks simple, yet well organized. The deck isn’t that high so you won’t need a stair hair – you can even jump over the fence.

I believe to build such a deck isn’t that difficult or easy either. But if you look at carefully, this isn’t an amateur work – it’s obviously a professional’s.

11. Beautiful Layout

pool deck Layout

Who out there isn’t going to be happy if you have a pool like this on your backyard? Moreover, the deck design is incredible. It’s designed with stairs and deck with fences.

The disadvantages when your pool is surrounded by trees are that the pool will get filled up with leaves that’ll make the water looks dirty and that you have to clean it up fairly often.

Above ground pools with deck are nice ways to attract people’s attention to come and see your pool and to draw a happy smile on your kids’ faces.

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