11 Most Popular Basement Ceiling Ideas with Various Designs

If your home is not large enough, a basement normally serves as the casual bonus room. Of course you need to upgrade your precious area’s appearance by finishing it off. For a more comfortable space, it is time to start thinking about lovely basement ceiling ideas.

Most of the dwellers often forget the ceiling. This is the reason you shouldn’t do the same. You do not have to spend a fortune for an attention-grabbing and a functional basement. With some supplies and marvelous creativity, the ceiling obviously will be a wow factor in your underground room.

Before jumping to the ideas, you must answer our question: what is the new role of your subterranean space? Because it potentially can be the home cinema, man or lady cave, playroom, gym, laundry, library, bedroom, and office. Your choice leads to the best decor.

Exposing the bare bones is cool. But you will miss out on spectacular ceiling style opportunities. Instead of doing nothing to your ceiling, you have such great chance experimenting with these decorating ideas. We guarantee you won’t find the basement update intimidating anymore.

1. Corrugated Metal Ceiling

metal ceiling

In this unfinished lower level, the homeowner knows on how to make a home office feel complete. The corrugated metal sheets reflect the light as well as bringing decorative and textural element to the space.

Not only that, they boost a sense of rusticism. And the solid wooden office desk, floor cabinet, and wall exude the warm and inviting atmosphere. Plus, the decorative cow skull and deer head are so captivating.

2. Drop Ceiling Tiles

ceiling tiles

Love something classic? This idea is the right one for you. The ceiling tiles may be simple. However, they deliver grid appeal to the underfoot family room. No wonder, their geometric patterns catch the eye instantly.

In addition, you are able to move the tile for accessing the pipes. Just paint the ceiling in crisp white. This color depicts open, bright, and clean zone. Your subterranean area looks visually bigger too.

3. The Starry Sky

starry sky

When you were a child, you dreamed of stunning night sky. So, why don’t you make it happen? To get the magical vibe, you can use fiber optic cable. Then, do not forget to prepare the domes and tiles.

The ceiling definitely resembles a sky filled with stars. It will impress all your family members. Watching the movies beneath the stars is more enjoyable for sure.

4. Covered with Wooden Planks

Wooden Planks ceiling

This traditional-style family room is super enchanting. Thanks to the white wooden planks. They turn the bland ceiling into the fresh one. Moreover, they fit in the monochromatic space scheme.

Reclaimed barn wood floor lends the area old-world charm. It also evokes the intimate ambience throughout the informal room. The hanging artworks and throw pillows are super delightful additions.

5. The Fabric Treatment

Fabric treatment

Low ceiling is synonymous with a cramped look? It is not true. Like the picture of playroom above, white fabric on the ceiling softens the unfinished basement. As the result, this basement gets more stylish and welcoming.

You also take the advantage of using the temporary covering. For instance, you can change the color and pattern at any time. So, you won’t easily be bored. Hang the fabric panel from the ceiling with staple gun and you are set.

6. Delicate Tin Tiles

Tin Tile ideas

Do you want to exhibit industrial flavor in your basement? Tin tiles are the way to go. Whether yours is new building or not, they always inject the vintage nuance into the space.

Tin drop ceiling tiles have the exquisitely intricate details too. And we are sure you can hardly resist yourself from moving the eye through this area. While, brick wall offers the unrefined style to your basement.

7. Unpretentious Brick Ceiling

Brick ceiling

In terms of the basement ceiling ideas, it is the trickiest one. However, the end result couldn’t be more attractive. The exposed brick walls, posts and ceiling create coal cellar-like zone.

Furthermore, the French country dining set enhances the luxury. Wall sconces and ceiling light also look so antique here. Distressed wood floor showcases the old-fashioned loveliness.

8. Simple Drywall

drywall ideas

This basic choice might not come to your mind. In fact, the drywall is able to hide the beams and pipes. You can also install it yourself. Speaking of the price, it is really reasonable even you are on super tight budget.

The drywall offers the clean and flat surface to your home. In this basement, the pristine white ceiling meetssand-painted walls harmoniously. They produces airy and bright space.

9. Ornate Styrofoam Tiles

Styrofoam Tiles

Searching for the least expensive ceiling finish? Give this idea a shot. Styrofoam panels are not only lightweight, but also add beauty to your area. They undoubtedly have great versatility.

As you can see, the white styrofoam tiles embellish whole basement. They are easy and quick to install as well. The black and white ceiling light doubles as showstopper. This subterranean room is supremely ravishing, right?

10. Box Ceiling

Box ceiling

One of the most beautiful hallmarks in the older homes is box ceiling. It serves as the archictectural facelift. When your family members step into the basement, their eyes are drawn to overhead structure.

White-painted ceiling infuses the room with open and uncluttered feel. While the hot orange area rug and colorful throw pillows add pops of energizing shades to the entire space. Dark brown sectional sofa emanates the warm and cozy vibes.

11. Painted Wooden Beams and Steel Pipes

Steel Pipe ideas

Never hesitate to leave your ceiling exposed. Need a real proof? This below-grade home library gets the basic yet pleasant treatment from its owner. The ceiling is coated in the black paint which brings drama and height to the space.

For floor and walls, they are stained in soothing hues. The ceiling-to-floor shelves are the homes of dweller’s books. Wall artworks and throw pillows make the library lively. Don’t you find the whole area looks enticing?

You shouldn’t overlook the lower ground level anymore. Because this area gives the freedom to you like nothing else. And our basement ceiling ideas allow you to go bold and think out of the box. Add some personal touch to the basement too, so you will feel how homey your retreat is.

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