13+ Adorable DIY Coffee Bar Ideas For Your Cozy Home

A coffee bar is not just a place to make a cup of delectable coffee that can boost your mood in the morning. It has to be stylish, too. Check out these 13 adorable DIY coffee bar ideas for your cozy home.

1. Black and White Coffee Bar

black and white

For those, including you, who love to look simple yet chic, this coffee bar idea may suit your style well. The crisp white cabinets match the wall nicely, making them look united.

A black chalkboard that adds contrast is available to host the recipe of a cup of scrumptious latte. Two black sconces are attached on top of the chalkboard, providing sufficient light for multiple users.

2. Rustic Coffee Bar Ideas

rustic coffe bar

Are you really into the charm of rustic style? If it’s so, you are going to love this coffee counter.

The distressed cabinet doors provide the well-worn look – old, but not obsolete. Get this look by painting the doors white and sand them down until you have the authentic look of a vintage cabinet.

To decorate the blank wall, a few wood planks are hung as the labels of the coffee bar.

3. Space-Saving Coffee Bar

Space-Saving coffee bar

Using up every nook and cranny is the smart solution to save more space without downsizing the essential furniture. And this corner coffee bar is a perfect place to concoct the best coffee without compromising the limited space you have.

The cabinet is painted off-white to match the wall, while crisp white baseboard is installed at the bottom to make it flow into one being.

4. Mini Coffee Bar Ideas

mini coffee bar

If you do not have much time to make a fancy coffee bar with a cabinet and countertop, use any table existed at home. Some wrought iron racks with hooks will provide double functions – shelves where you can put your cups and hooks to hang them.

As the wall décor, six monograms spelt as C-O-F-F-E-E are hung next to the racks.

5. Coffee Bar with Barn Doors

barn door

This coffee bar will add style to your kitchen. The X barn doors are the embodiment of the farmhouse style. Instead of painting it white to complement the tongue-and-groove wall, navy blue is used to add more color to the kitchen.

A shelf hanging over the butcher-block countertop holds the important ingredients to make a cup of coffee or tea. The top shelf is used to stash less-used items.

6. Show What You Have

best coffee bar

You do not have to break a sweat to make a perfect coffee bar. It does not have to be perfect, though. The most important thing is it suits your style and budget well.

You can shop around your house to find unused things that lie dormant and are waiting to be tapped into, just like this window frame that has turned into a nice rack with some hooks to hold the cups, and chicken wire mesh to hold some other stuff.

7. Teal Coffee Bar with Chalkboard

coffee bar Chalkboard

This teal coffee bar will perk your morning up. The teal finish adds pop of color in this beige kitchen. A chalkboard framed with curvy edges can be used as a memo for those who stop by the counter or a self-reminder to boost your mood.

8. Mini Coffee Bar for Contemporary Home

contemporary bar

You can adopt this bar idea and add a little twist to turn it into a nice coffee bar for a contemporary house. The shelves that feature clean-line edges can be used to store some cups and jars.

The combination of distinctive design and beautiful cups and jars will make the coffee bar look amazing.

9. Portable Coffee Bar

portable coffe bar

If your home is tight in space, try making a portable coffee bar. It is a simple shelf with four casters that enable you to move it easily anywhere.

You can even bring it to the living room or backyard where your families gather so they can make their coffee themselves.

10. Put on Label

put on label

It may seem trivial, but it always comes in handy. Putting a label on each jar and cup can prevent you from adding the wrong ingredients or taking the wrong cup.

11. Repurpose a Wooden Pallet

Repurpose bar

A slice of pallet is very versatile. It can make a pretty good rack for your coats, hats, or even cups. Try incorporating this rack into your coffee bar to make it look more stylish.

12. Wooden Barrel Coffee Bar

wooden Barrel

Two old barrels can replace the legs of the table’s, making this coffee bar look stunning. Just place a board on them, and you are done.

13. Small Coffee Bar

small bar

A small coffee bar can be a perfect place for your coffee break. Although it is not large, it’s just perfect. Since this coffee bar has limited worktop, you are going to need to install a few shelves underneath.

These coffee bar ideas show you that it is not just about a counter to concoct tasty caffeinated beverage. It can be a fruitful place to begin your day. And by DIY-ing these ideas, you will get the best one on the cheap.

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