11 Best Country Kitchen Ideas and Decorations for Remodeling Your Kitchen

What makes you get interested in country kitchen styles? Is it the decoration, sleek and cozy appearance, or its natural accents? Well, country kitchen ideas obviously have all those characteristics almost in every aspect of the kitchen.

Most country kitchen designs have a wooden island and wood beams that create a rustic charm in the kitchen. And those are what probably make you fall in love with it. Although you literally don’t live in a country area, it can make you feel as though you are present there.

Adopting this idea in your home starting from the floor, wall, and ceiling can at least fulfill your dream of having a country kitchen. Simply follow what is depicted on these pictures below.

The country kitchen design leaves a sense of traditional and old-fashioned styles. It clearly has major differences between modern kitchen styles that show a rather minimalist look, with sleek lines and luxurious or glossy surfaces from the floor, worktop as well as furniture.

Let’s have a look at these pictures below with their charm that will inspire you when remodeling your kitchen.

1. Wood Beams

Wood Beams

Wooden materials are a must when it comes to talking about country kitchen design. It’s the main element you should include in it.

The ceiling looks sturdy and charming at once with wood beams as they leave a natural look. Brick walls share a sense of warm feeling that blends with the blue floral tile wall and rug.

2. Wooden Chairs

wooden chairs

Wooden chairs are also an essential feature that you shouldn’t forget in order to elevate the vibe of the country atmosphere. Look at how they merge with the paneling floor. It looks stunning, doesn’t it?

A classic feel can really be sensed here when you combine some antique pendant lights with the white furniture along with the dark brown wall tile.

3. Applies Neutral Color Scheme

Neutral Color

Some new ideas and inspiration, without a doubt, are required when remodeling a kitchen. If your kitchen doesn’t have a strong country vibe then you can try to apply a neutral color to achieve a calm and traditional look.

Changing the floor tile can also be an alternative. This hexagonal terracotta tile, for example, is meant to blend in with the neutral tone in the kitchen.

4. Get a New Look

New Look

If your current kitchen looks exactly just like this one and you want some changes, then you can try to alter the island into a smaller one. Or you can pain it with a color scheme that gives it a new appearance.

The chairs and floor should also be repainted to match the new look, so they can create perfect harmony.

5. Antique Collection on Display

Antique Collection

Leaving the shelves on the walls empty can’t be tolerated. What’s the purpose of having them installed then? Show your collection of plates, bowls or mugs can make a good decoration and increase the country ambiance.

The furniture and worktop have a similar earthy tone with the floor. They don’t only look good, but comfortable too.

6. Add a Chandelier

Add a Chandelier

There are many ways to acquire a certain level of beauty in the kitchen. Some flowers are added to bring an aesthetic nuance in a room while plants are for bringing the natural world and freshness.

What about a chandelier? The reason why it’s included is to make the room a little bit warm and welcoming to some extent.

7. Adorn the Wall

the Wall

After infusing some specific ingredients to create a rustic vibe, there’s still a small element that you may forget. It’s to decorate the wall. This room sure has the country atmosphere with its airy and spacious space, including the natural welcoming look.

You can give the wall a subtle touch by installing mural wall tiles. The color and size are up to you to decide and you’re allowed to match them with the rest.

8. Beautiful Color Scheme

Color Scheme

A country kitchen style doesn’t have to be in a shade of brown actually. In fact, you can play with any colors you think it’s suitable for you. Look at this kitchen in blue?

This one can make the occupant feel at home with its calm aura. Blue is a smart choice that produces a relaxed vibe that anybody could ever want for a country kitchen.

9. Unique Island Design

Island Design

White is a natural element that almost suits for any styles due to its bright and cool color. Applying a white color represents a clean and calm state.

Designed to save some space, these stools come in a thin shape. They’re very functional and adorable at the same time.

10. Striking in Black

Striking in Black

This kitchen is the opposite of the previous one. With a bold dark color scheme, the kitchen seems to be intimidating. But that is what makes this kitchen look so special.

It is a good combination when combined with white hues. It has a classic and stylish value with its shiny worktops.

11. Be Different

Be Different

A kitchen is a place where you’re going to cook there every day. So, there’s nothing wrong if you decorate it with any stuff that can spruce it up.

An island usually comes in a square and rectangular shape, which is quite dull. If you want a change with that, you can do it this way. This island will drive the boredom away that you bear for a long time with its unique shape.

Redesigning a kitchen should be planned first so that you can have a kitchen that you desire. Hopefully, our country kitchen ideas will be useful for you when trying to give a new look to the kitchen.

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