13 Beautiful Pictures of Kitchen Islands Ideas on a Budget

It’s crucial to get the ultimate comfort when working in the kitchen. However, how can you feel comfortable if your kitchen lacks counter space? It’s time for you to give these beautiful kitchen islands ideas a shot for a better performance in the cooking area.

1. Minimalist Kitchen Island

minimalist kitchen

Less is more. That is all you can get from this kitchen island. The clean-line edges make it perfect to accentuate a modern kitchen. The spacious countertop enables you to work comfortably.

The white and glossy finish of the countertop reflects the light well, making the kitchen look larger and hygienic.

2. White Kitchen Island with Glossy Countertop

White Kitchen island

The crisp white finish complements the shaker cabinets nicely. The island also features some drawers that incorporate additional storage solutions.

The glossy marble countertop makes it look elegant. The stair-spindle legs enhance the elegant look of this kitchen island.

3. Classic White Kitchen Island

classic kitchen

If you are keen on classic look, this kitchen island will be your safe bet. The off-white finish matches the existing cabinets and the classic white subway tiles.

A stained rectangular butcher-block tops the island, providing sufficient workspace for multiple users. This kitchen island also features a towel holder on one side so you can grab the cloth easily when you need it.

4. Movable Kitchen Island

movable kitchen island

This movable kitchen island is the top-notch choice when it comes to a kitchen with limited space. The casters allow it to be movable. You can hide it away when not in use so it will not take up a lot of space.

Besides casters, this kitchen island also features some open shelves that you can use to store a few plates and trays.

5. Kitchen Island with Extra Leaf

kitchen with extra leaf

Do you need extra space for multiple users but your small kitchen space does not allow it? Give this island a shot! This kitchen island features four casters that make it easy to move.

And the best part of this kitchen island is the extra foldable leaf. When you have some assistance in the kitchen, unfold the leaf to provide extra space. And when you are done, fold it back so you can move through.

6. Pull-Out Kitchen Island

pull-out kitchen

In the previous idea, you have learned that a comfortable workspace is shareable with an extra leaf. This is another brilliant idea to get more space for some assistance – a pull-out kitchen island.

This kitchen island features a hidden table. If more space is needed for more cooks or simply to enjoy your breakfast with family, just pull the hidden table out and you are good to go.

7. Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Island Idea

Reclaimed Wood Kitchen

If you are dying for the unique look of rustic style, execute this kitchen island idea. It is made of reclaimed wood that has never failed to emphasize the rustic look. The well-worn finish matches the exposed brick wall nicely.

The butcher-block countertop perfectly complements the style. Besides, it makes the food prep easier.

8. Stylish Kitchen Island

Stylish kitchen island

This kitchen island will suit your modern cooking area well. The simple design with stainless steel countertop adds a classy look to your kitchen.

Besides being stylish, this kitchen island is also functional. It features some open shelves and a cabinet that help to stash the items you use on a regular basis.

9. DIY Brick Kitchen Island

brick kitchen island

Do you want to have extra counter space in your kitchen but the budget is pretty tight? Try making your kitchen island yourself. Begin with shopping around your house and see what you could get.

If you have some leftover materials like boards and bricks, bring those treasures out because they can make a nice kitchen island.

10. Rustic Blue Kitchen Island

rustic kitchen

This is another great idea for the fans of the rustic look. This kitchen island is quite DIY-friendly. All you need to do is just getting some boards, wrought iron pulls, and hinges. Do not forget to sand the island down a little bit after you paint it to get a well-worn look.

11. Customize Kitchen Island Idea

Customize kitchen

Getting the best kitchen island that personalizes your liking well is not a piece of cake. Therefore, you need to have it made or, even better, make it yourself.

This smart kitchen island will fit in with your small space, adding more storage area for some daily utensils. It can also host your microwave, so you will not see it ruins the look of your countertop anymore.

12. Luxurious Stone Kitchen Island

Luxurious stone

This kitchen island infuses the touch of elegance to your cooking area. The front part is covered with stone to match the wall. The roughly-cut countertop makes it look bolder.

13. Small Kitchen Island

small kitchen ideas

This is the solution of your limited space – a tiny kitchen island. This kitchen island does not provide a spacious counter space, but it still comes in handy with its smart additional storage.

Those are 13 kitchen islands ideas that will not cost you a fortune. They are actually DIY-friendly. But if you think making one yourself is too much trouble, have it made would not hurt.

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