11+ Stylish Master Bedroom Ideas & Remodeling Pictures

To remodel your master bedroom into a stylish one, it’s only natural to make a lot of effort. Only by then, you would have a great result. In other words, it’s worth the hard effort. However, surprisingly, you could do trivial treatments as well to still own a superb master bedroom. This article has collected several master bedroom ideas along with pictures each.

The ideas will focus on what you could do with the elements inside your master bedroom, including arrange, put, install, and even paint something. Well, without further ado, get inspired when scrolling down the list below!

1. Seating Area

Seating area

Whether it’s at the end of your bed or at one corner of the room, seating area affects your master bedroom beautifully. It doesn’t have to come as a set with the bed, you could buy it separately. Just pay attention to the concept of continuity. It has to match or at least support the whole scale theme.

2. Fur Throw Blanket

Throw Blanket

This is what it means by trivial treatments: spread fur blanket above the bed! Only by doing it, the whole bedroom is affected greatly. Sudden glamour feel is created by that furry warm throws.

3. Pop-Ups of Bright Orange

Fur Throw Blanket

The usual beach cottage bedrooms that we often see, blue and white color selections are their best bet to represent the theme they support. To be different from any other master bedroom in a beach cottage style, throw a pop-up or two of bright orange.

Such tone will bring freshness and sweeten the atmosphere. You could apply the happy hue on some throws, for example, or other accent elements.

4. Neutral Colors

Neutral Color Ideas

Glamour often referred to gold and silver and everything that blinks. But that is an old-fashioned understanding, you see because neutral tone could liven up the feel of glamorous, also. A combination of blacks, whites, creams, and browns in the picture are all over the room. They complement each other nicely.

5. Vintage Décor

Vintage Decor

A pair of framed silhouette portraits speaks vintage more than they could do. And it’s a simple yet fabulous treatment to give to your master bedroom. Such vintage touch gives warmth and thus welcoming you home at the end of the day.

6. Dark Blue Walls

Dark Blue Walls

Dark blue applied to the wall? Sure, why not? It is a firm color that doesn’t intimidate its surrounding. Rather, it could create favorable nuance to let you sleep peacefully.

However, it’s not suitable for you who live in tropical countries where mosquitoes swarm freely at night. Such dark tone only attracts them to come, especially during dry season.

7. Canopy Bed

Canopy Bed

Now, this is a nice idea to upgrade or remodel your master bedroom without a lot of fuss. No need to make a huge change in order to have a great impact, just add on the canopy to your bed set would do.

For master bedroom which usually occupied by husband and wife, this canopy notion roots for the sake of marriage romance.

8. Dark Neutral Wallpaper

Dark Neutral Wallpaper

Pasting wallpaper might be an alternative to treating your bedroom walls other than painting them. There are surely a lot of choices, but opt for limited hue and enticing pattern like the one used here is more interestingly aesthetic.

9. Wooden Screen as Accent Wall

accent wall

A room with white as its main color might represent purity. But to no one’s disagreement, it’s boring. So, presenting some pattern in the middle could be a restful spot for your eyes. Take this piece of wooden screen for an example. It could double as an accent wall above the headboard-less divan.

10. Exposed Brick Walls

Exposed Brick Walls

Contrast is trending nowadays. Whether it’s in the color or material selections, the concept of contrast is always fascinating. Then, how about contrasting style? Industrial and contemporary for instance, anyone?

A very good example is shown here. Exposed brick wall representing industrial style while sophisticated bedroom furnishings indicating contemporary are in nice harmony, aren’t they?

11. Houseplants

Houseplant Ideas

Nothing could beat the freshness from natural plants. When placed inside your bedroom, they do you a favor by purifying the air without being asked. Go for some full-sized potted plants as seen above to win over some decorative points.

This master bedroom takes advantage of large banana trees. The other choices are dracaena, ficus, and palms.

12. Artworks

Artworks bedroom

Your bare and plain white bedroom walls need something as an embellishment. While pictures are too normal, go for an impressive large painting in bright colors. It does wonder as decoration and helps you in getting rid of the possible boredom created by pure white.

Well, how was it? Did inspirations have knocked you out? It’s not too difficult to upgrade your main sleeping area once you’ve known those master bedroom ideas above, right? Several of them might even suitable to be included in the DIY tutorial to describe how easy they are. Okay, then, thank you for reading. Sleep tight; don’t let the bed bugs bite!

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